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April 2020 Cologne

The Sound Ride – Bike Walk project is about an acoustic exploration of a city and its surroundings using a bicycle as a means of transportation.

Over the course of the last few months, I’ve been riding my bike around town a lot. This was a very good means of transportation to get from one place to another during Covid time without encountering many people. Distance and fresh air. I noticed how the acoustics of the city have changed. Everything is quieter, the traffic, the people, the life. I rode my bike on various routes in the city and made recordings with the recorder, which I will evaluate.

I developed a construction for the bicycle in which I could hang a microphone system. This allowed me to make good recordings without noise. On the trips I met some people who were interested in my work and encouraged me to continue.

I have created a map of the city showing the acoustic differences of different bike routes. These can then be heard online, and also tracked. This archive is intended to show how the sound of the city changes during the Corona period and the time in between and after. It is designed to get people to pay more attention to environmental sounds. The sounds that surround them and with which they live. Perhaps this will change the activities and therefore the noise level we are exposed to in our world. At the very least, the perception of it will change.

The project is in permanent development. The first shots have been taken, more will follow soon.