One goal is to explore the worlds we live in and to see what surrounds us in new or different ways from different perspectives.

The sound pieces are meant to take the listener on an exploratory journey through electronic, synthetic sounds, field recordings, organic atmospheres and noise universes.

A wide range of different sound worlds. It includes early pieces from the 90s, new electronic experiments, field recordings as well as live performances and musique concrète pieces.

In my project “Sounds Of The Inner Tree” I use sensors to investigate what the tree actually hears. I try to listen into him.

The data from the sensors is one sound source, the other is the environmental sounds around the tree that I record with microphones.

The result is an auditory image that considers not only the sounds of the environment, but also the sound that goes through the tree, the wood, and affects it in one way or another.

In my project I can directly see that there is not only the airborne sound around the tree as a sound source, but also within the tree a rich sound field exists. Among other things, insects can be heard inhabiting the tree, such as earth bumblebees in the roots. Or caterpillars of beetles that eat through the tree or pupate there. Other inhabitants of the tree, such as birds or small rodents, can also be heard. However, very quiet.

My recordings reveal a little of these inner and outer worlds that plants hear and have. And also some that they make themselves.

The weather, the wind and the sun, play an important role. But also the whole forest, as an environment, as a habitat is an important actor and this ensemble, animals, insects, neighboring plants, among others.

It is a step to get a little distance from the anthropocentric view and to adopt a different perspective.


A living room concert at Bohde Fenster Cologne on 26 March 2023.

Black Bird Night Noise

by Peter Simon

60 seconds radio piece, 2021, stereo, N° 157

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Lockdown Files n-1

Dexinarium by De Xin

The Wire Tapper 55


Track from my new album DEXINARIUM

All copies of the April 2021 issue of The Wire will come complete with an exclusive free CD attached to the cover, The Wire Tapper 55, the latest volume in the acclaimed series of new music compilations.

As with previous volumes this CD, which has been compiled by Shane Woolman, Astrud Steehouder and James Gormley, is packaged in a heavy duty card sleeve designed by The Wire’s art director Ben Weaver and featuring artwork by Infinite Livez. It contains a range of new, rare or exclusive tracks from across the spectrum of the kind of underground/outsider musics covered in The Wire.

Rolled Awry by De Xin
Terra incognita by Les Éclairs

Live Synth Session with the Ocean 2021
Atlantic + Moog + stereo mics + surf&waves

Camera: Freya Hattenberger
Edit: Peter Simon
Music: AtomBeauRough 2021 ©

Room of Strangers - I am Jeff
MEANDER TAPES - Tender Sounds For Brutalist Architecture_1
Mr Ping - Shopping
Mr Ping - Swimming
Mr Ping - Fishing
Mr Ping - Tattooing
Mr Ping - High Rising
BTR DC by Terpsychore
YES OR NO by Les Éclairs