Meander Tapes - Tender Sounds for Brutalist Architecture -

Raman Research Institute Library Bangalore


Sound/Architecture Project

Raman Research Institute Library Bangalore

– sound art radio, FUNKTS,


– WDR Studio Acoustic Art

07.05.2022, 23:00

– INDERNET hybrid Festival


WDR 3 Open Sounds

Brutalism (3) “Béton Brut Bangalore” by F. Hattenberger and P. Simon

WDR 3 Open Sounds 07.05.2022 57:09 min. Available until 07.05.2023 WDR 3 By Ilka Geyer

To conclude the Brutalism trilogy at Studio Acoustic Art we listen to India
The project “Béton Brut Bangalore – Sound as Ornament” deals with sound art, performance and architecture in an interdisciplinary way.

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Unlike Visvesvaraya Towers in the center of Bangalore, Raman Institute is located on the outskirts of the city in a park. The acoustics of this place are contrary to the acoustics of the city center. A quiet place of science.

Here I was able to listen in further detail to the material and was surprised at the different sound sources. The variety of different materials used here has resulted in a complex acoustic signature of the building. The psychoacoustic effect on visitors to the building has a relaxing effect with the location and architectural order.

In this project, I was interested in exploring the geometric order, materiality, social status, emotional connection of the building, and the fluid reality of Indian culture, looking at sound as ornament.