Installation, Mixed Media

Daily Sounds All Around

Weltkunstzimmer, Düsseldorf

14.08 – 27.09.2015

Traces of Acoustic Lifeworlds,

Curated by Janine Blöß


Peter Cusack, William Engelen, Hanna Hartman, Freya Hattenberger, René Hüls, Ketonge, Vera Lossau, Junya Oikawa, Jens Schmidt, Peter Simon, Juergen Staack


Gallery Petra Nostheide-Eycke, Düsseldorf, 2010

According to Hermann von Helmholtz, experience contributes decisively to our view of the environment. “Drift” picks up on his research into the psychological effects of visual perceptions.

What we see is not necessarily existent – and sometimes reveals more what is going on inside us.
Inspired by experiments on the psychology of perception from the 1960s, the gallery space becomes an experiential space.

The visitor is left to his own devices in a room that feels 50 square meters with dense fog, where the only light source is fast stroboscopic yellow light.
There are no objects in the room that would produce an image on the retina. Thus, the brain begins to create its own images, line structures and geometric shapes emerge. Although at first glance the room seems daunting, after a short time you lose your fear and feel pleasure.
According to scientific evidence, fast stroboscopic light cures migraines and jet lag.