Sub Rosa - Among Us


Installation, Mixed Media

Sculpture Museum Glaskasten, Marl

German Sound Art Award 2008,

“The immaterial idea,” according to the philosopher Leopold Ziegler, “is infinitely superior in value to the material form.” A plausible but tired realization for the visual artist – if he is not a flawless conceptualist – after all, at the end of the idea there should usually be something substantial. i go in the metamorphosis of my concept into a new, independent work – the equally contemporary and resource-saving way of recycling. According to the motto: “I was a can”, the scarce raw material “idea” is given a new artistic value here without being a cheat or a label.

We all know that when we choose a can of potato salad, we won’t find the nicely decorated half cocktail tomatoes or the fresh bouquet of parsley that the serving suggestion would have us believe – but we’ll buy anyway. And it is exactly at this point that “among us” questions our expectation al (art) consumers of the demanded primary product “idea”.