The Turing Project


Installation, Mixed Media

ZKM Karlsruhe,

“Art in Motion. 100 masterpieces with and through media. An Operational Canon”

14.07.2018 – 20.01.2019

AdK Berlin, “BODENLOS – Vilém Flusser and the Arts”.


The installation and the audio piece resulting from it is a reminiscence of the Turing machine of the British mathematician and cryptanalyst Alan Turing.

With the Turing machine, Alan Turing intended to create a model of the mathematically working human being and thus to formulate a mathematical definition of the term “algorithm”.

Turing proved that such a device is capable of solving “any mathematical problem imaginable, provided that it can also be solved by an algorithm.” The individual relays emit a delicate click when activated by a programmed interface. Like an orchestrated swarm of insects, they play a designed composition. This composition is based on an elaborate algorithm controlled by Brownian molecular motion.

The Turing project is the third work of LMS. The installation was set up in the studio and produced as a radio play by the Studio Akustische Kunst of the WDR.

LMS are Jörg Lindenmaier, Anthony Moore and Peter Simon.