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installation, mixed media

Gallery Petra Nostheide Eycke, Düsseldorf, 2013

A multidimensional installation in which the sound connects the individual elements in a net-like manner. A tape loop, 45 meters long, stretched across the room on castors. Moved by the tape machine. Every 20 minutes, a knock is heard from the tape machine’s speaker. The sound is recorded from the same the day before. A tribute to Bruce Nauman exhibition at the Konrad Fischer Gallery in Düsseldorf 1968.

4 speakers placed in the room from which the sound of apples falling to the floor can be heard. Isaac Newton, Recognize in Observe.

A scale with a speaker in the weighing pan. Its membrane is connected to the ceiling by a wire rope. Weight of knowledge thrown into the balance. Each deflection of the loudspeaker diaphragm brings the balance out of equilibrium and one hears irregularly the clacking of the balance shells.

A video projection of the rising sun. An image for the eternal cycle of day and night. Also an end image in many distopic sci-fi movies of the 60s to 80s. The video sequence is accompanied by a soundtrack composed for it in 5.1 surround sound.

The red neon tube is a part of the sun. It contains the gas hydrogen, which the sun consumes as fuel.