Sound/Video Performance

Museum Ostwall

Dortmund U

Performative audio-visual installation at Museum Ostwall, 6th floor of the Dortmunder U on 15.02.2023

Duration of the installation: 15.02.2023
Opening hours: 19:00 – 21:00

What happens inside an art museum while one exhibition is being taken down and the next is being set up? What artistic potential does this “in-between” hold?
It is precisely on this question that Freya Hattenberger and Peter Simon are developing the site-specific installation and performance “ex/ peri/ mental”, which as a one-day event allows an exclusive look behind the scenes of the exhibition construction and illuminates the perception of the museum as a “rough cube” instead of a white cube.

Hattenberger and Simon directly and intensively weave the acoustic and spatial peculiarities of the construction site into their artistic intervention, which can be walked through in a circular course. Performative interventions by the two artists at interconnected stations change the parameters of the audio-visual installation and allow a repeated “round walk” through the raw spaces with constantly recomposing elements of contemporary live art, kinetic media set-ups, and electronic music.

Freya_Hattenberger_und Peter_Simon_Presse02