String Theory


Sound Performance

FUNKT Sessions, 08.11.2022, Cologne

Coelner Room, 19.06.2022, Düsseldorf

In the project STRING THEORY they explore the interspatial and interpersonal.
The thematic focus of their live set is the interaction and mutual influence of scientific knowledge and acoustic perception. Individual statements are examined in experimental dialogue and linked to form a new order of space-time.
The acoustic signal is mirrored in interaction and layered in the recording room of Studio 674FM.

Talk and sounds of Les Éclairs and of other projects.

ON 674FM at FUNKT Sessions 08.11.2022, 16:00 CET

FUNKT sessions is a radio format with electronics and sound art from cologne

every 2nd & 4th Tuesday 16-18 h

and every 1st Thursday 19-21 h Radio Studio Néau / Eupen @

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