Part 01


Sound installation

Intraregional sound art festival in the Hannover region,

Gut Harms, Poggenhagen

13.06.2021 – 26.07.2021

The two-part work at Kulturgut Poggenhagen highlights the topic of bioacoustics.

Field recordings recorded on site were used and edited for the installations.

Two installations / sound sculptures in two different locations on the large site correspond with each other. The first part is located at the park of the estate. Both installations illuminate the relationship between man and nature and try to explain the balance of a biotope/collective in a sensitive way. How does nature communicate with man? What misunderstandings/ translation errors can occur?

Are we able with our sensory organs to fully perceive and understand the variety of sounds in nature?

The sounds of the installations will soon be published on:

Video (c)Lars Beuko, Screenform