I'm Jeff

Instrument making, sound research in live operation

Mr Ping, De Xin, Simulation, Les Éclairs

For “I am Jeff”

electronic sound generators and filters are developed from everyday objects for performative use. E.g. infrared microphones, remote controls, electric motors, electric household appliances, etc. This project experimentally explores the immediacy and comprehensibility of sound production. The audience can follow how certain sounds are created with everyday objects and then further manipulated. By using everyday objects as instruments for other purposes, surprising moments and new unknown sounds arise. New listening worlds are opened up.

De Xin - Studio Confuser Remix

Part 1 of the live sound performance at Studio 3 in the Funkhaus Wallrafplatz in Cologne.Camera: Tessa Knapp and L. Neuenhofer

Les Eclairs - CHANNELED TENSIONS, Museum Folkwang Essen

Screening with video works by Freya Hattenberger and sound performance with Peter Simon and Freya Hattenberger.
Video Folkwang on 04.05.2017.
In cooperation with Kunstring Folkwang e. V., Verein der Freunde des Museum Folkwang.

Camera: Tom Briele
Sound: Freya Hattenberger, Peter Simon


live performance of “i am jeff” at the exhibition:
Solo i pesci morti seguono la corrente/ Lo Spirito del Lago,
at “Spazio Luparia”, via Anna Maria Bolongaro, Stresa/Italy

Les Eclairs - Monkey rock and barricade

Reverberation room / Worringer Platz Düsseldorf
to the exhibition opening of the sound installation “Vogelzug” by Peter C. Simon at Worringer Platz


sound performance of “i am jeff”,
noise in kunstsalon cologne live on 09.05.2011 – filmed with photo camera on the amp.